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In 2050, we may vacation on mars

and Adabas & Natural applications will still be working hard. Optimize, modernize, and transform them for the future.

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Adabas & Natural 2050+ offers multiple ways to reduce costs – on or off the mainframe

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Read how to optimize mainframe performance by offloading workload to less expensive zIIPTM processors

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“Natural zIIP enablement has exceeded CalSTRS expectations. It has allowed us to save significant Natural batch processing costs in a span of few short months with very little effort.”

Mohammad Asghar, Adabas DBA, Business Solutions, CalSTRS:

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The Agenda for 2050 – And Beyond

Countless organizations rely on the Adabas & Natural platform for their mission- and business-critical applications. With “Adabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda” Software AG is fully supporting customers in harnessing the innovation potential provided by digitalization. From skills to connectivity, to DevOps development and cost efficient platforms, Software AG is leading the way for the next generation.

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Optimize Cost

Reduce costs of IT and consolidate IT infrastructure.

  • Save IT operations costs on the mainframe.
  • Switch entirely to Linux, UNIX or Windows platforms.
  • Leverage virtualized and cloud environments.

Modernize Applications

Increase business responsiveness and easily connect to new technologies.

  • Leverage DevOps tools to develop and deliver faster.
  • Improve end-user experience with Web and Mobile access.
  • Connect easily to new technologies (e.g. Mobile, API, IoT, Big Data, Cloud).

Transform the Business

Leverage the Digital Business Platform and reuse core applications to build digital age solutions.

  • Create outstanding digital customer experiences.
  • Empower employees and partners to achieve process excellence.
  • Improve fraud detection and compliance.

Manage Skills

Make the next generation of IT skills available for the organization.

  • Train new talent quickly.
  • Leverage modern development tools and methodologies.
  • Make use of comprehensive managed and support services.
Customer Video: See how young developers at „Alte Oldenburger“ work with A&N

Customer Video See how insurance company Alte Oldenburger masters the generational change

Learn how they attract and retain young developers, as well as engage all generations to work together, share skills and knowledge, and innovate.

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Download recipe: Learn how our customers have managed the generational change

Recipe for Success A fresh team, agile methods, modern tools and innovative Adabas & Natural applications

A customer to customer recipe on how to manage the generational change.

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It´s mission-critical – it´s digital.

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